Professional Foam Massage Roller

How Your Clients Will Benefit!


ProChiro Roller provides everyone with self massage and additional comfort while relaxing or doing daily activities.


You “custom-branded” product provides the necessary support for active adults.  Portable and easy-to-use makes it a perfect companion.


Relieve tight muscles and back pain easily with the ProChiro Roller.  Bring it with while you drive or run errands.

Offer your clients a custom product!

Just think, when a customer comes to you and you offer them a branded product with you name on it they think wow, this is a real pro!  It makes a statement about you and your business and that has great value.  It does what every professional business wants and needs — to position you as an expert and a leader in your field!

Doesn’t this cost a lot?  The answer to this is NO!  The ProChiro Roller is a Chiropractor Approved self massager that costs less than $XX each.  Best of all you can buy as little as 10.  They even come with a custom label that is personalized to your business and adds name recognition to your practice.

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Get started today!  Improve profits and add value to your business with ProChiro Roller.  Makes a great gift or custom product for your business.

Build Your Brand

Having branded product will make you look like an expert. You appear to know what you’re talking about and come across as a true professional!

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Grow your practice with ProChiro Roller


Top quality manufacturing makes a statement about you and your practice.  ProChiro Roller is designed to last and that makes a statement about you and your business.

This top quality product will also help you build referrals and that will add to your bottom line!


The more you buy the more you save!  We offer generous discount programs to help you make more money from the ProChiro Roller.

Check us the deep discounts we have to add value to your business!


Make the ProChiro Roller yours with personalized templates that have your unique look and feel.  Add a logo or a photo and you are done!  Customization made easy adds to your success!


We are here to help you succeed.  Our goal is to provide you with a product that will help you boost your brand and build your business.  If you need help – just reach out we are here for you!

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